A Rathkeale & District Credit Union Student Loan is the Smarter Choice!

Our Reduced Student Loan can help relieve the costs at this expensive time. Whether it’s to pay registration fees, course materials, books or living expenses, your local credit union is here to help. Our Student Loans are available at a rate LOWER than the banks, take a look at our comparison table. Our loan officers are available in branch, over the phone; 069 64444 or via email. Talk to us today!

Off to College – Your Questions Answered

What is our Student Loan Rate?

  • 6% (6.17% APR)

How does our Student Loan compare to the Other Student Loans?

Rathkeale & District Credit Union offers a Student Loan at a REDUCED rate of 6% (6.17% APR), a rate CHEAPER than those offered by the banks. See our Comparison Table.


What can the Student Loan be used for?

  • Paying registration Fees
  • New laptop
  • Course materials
  • Accommodation & living expenses

What do I need to provide for loan application?

  • Proof you are a student and the details of your course, eg: College acceptance letter
  • Your proof of income, if applicable – 3 payslips, bank statements
  • A suitable guarantor, if required
  • Your guarantor’s proof of income – 3 payslips, bank statements
  • If self-employed – most recent set of accounts

Make sure you download our helpful Monthly Budget Planner

How long does the loan application take?

  • We aim to review and make a decision on all loan applications within 48 hours.

Do I need a guarantor?

  • In some cases a guarantor may be required where the person seeking the loan may not have sufficient means to secure the loan on their own. If you sign as a guarantor this means that you are agreeing to pay the borrower’s Credit Union debt if they default on the loan.

Why Choose an RDCU Credit Union Student Loan?

  • LOW Loan Rates & FAST Loan Approval
  • NO Hidden Fees or Transaction Charges
  • NO Penalities for Early Loan or Lump Sum Repayments
  • Small and Large Loans Catered For
  • Repayments are calculated on your reducing balance, so you pay less interest with each repayment
  • A student loan can establish a credit history which may help in later life

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What are my loan repayment options?

  • Direct debit or standing order
  • Online banking
  • In branch

To discuss your Student Loan

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