How to Find the Best Value Electric Car in Ireland

Fuel has been rising at an alarming pace, add to that the dramatic rise in inflation and cost of everyday living. Most of us are now seeking cheaper alternatives to traditional petrol and diesel cars. As a result, demand for Full electric vehicles (BEV’s) is skyrocketing. In contrast to hybrid vehicles (which are still operate predominantly using fuel), fully electric [...]

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Best Family Cars for 2022

COVID and Brexit have caused the biggest changes in the Irish car industry since Karl Benx introduced the fourth wheel in 1885. The latest Done Deal report says used car prices have increased by 56% - caused by high demand and shortage of supply. Online shopping has stuck, too; with many buyers so desperate for cars they are still using [...]

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12 Tips When Buying a New Car in 2022

If you’re looking at buying a new car in 2022, we’ve collated all the necessary information you should consider during the buying process below. 1. Know your budget & if a used car offers better value One of the most important considerations when buying a new car is determining your budget. Your budget may mean some models/brands will be out [...]

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ILCU Back to School Survey

The latest Irish League of Credit Unions (ILCU) survey on back to school costs shows the overall spend on school items is up for both primary and secondary schools. The cost of sending a child to primary school this coming year is €1,195, up €9 on last year, while parents of secondary school children can expect to pay an average [...]

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How do find out your home’s energy rating?

When it comes to measuring how warm or cosy our home might be, we might tend to judge it by how early in the year we need to turn on the heat or how many layers of clothes we need to wear to feel comfortable. While these options will certainly give you a steer, this is a more accurate answer. [...]

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The Complete Guide to Solar Panels

You’ve heard about the financial benefits of solar panels, and you may have noticed more and more dotted across the roofs of Irish homes in recent years. But perhaps you’re still not sold on them? Are solar panels, in a country where it rains over 30% of the year, worth it? There’s a lot to understand, too - from the [...]

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