COVID and Brexit have caused the biggest changes in the Irish car industry since Karl Benx introduced the fourth wheel in 1885. The latest Done Deal report says used car prices have increased by 56% – caused by high demand and shortage of supply. Online shopping has stuck, too; with many buyers so desperate for cars they are still using click and collect methods, even after restrictions have lifted. With a lack of UK cars, Irish buyers have shifted their attention from the UK to Japan: with a 50% increase of car imports from there.

If you’re looking for a family car this year, be prepared to be flexible, widen your horizons and if you are considering shopping online, make sure to buy from a trusted dealer, and make sure to photograph the car before your drive it.

Best Family Hatch-Backs

As we’ve said before, hatchbacks are the starter pack of family cars, as they’re not huge, but are still roomy on the inside with enough boot space for all the family.

Ford Focus Hatchback

When it comes to reliability, Ford is king. As a family car, it can be a good choice as many engines are cheap to run, with little trouble. The only downsides are the boot space and some of the interior finishing.

Skoda Scala Hatchback

Skoda hatchback won the hatchback category for the most recommended family car last year. Their new model is no exception: big on boot space, very competitive on price and with a comfortable interior. Perhaps not the best drive, as mentioned on some car buying website.

Volkwagan Golf Hatchback

The Golf is widely known for its quality engine and sleekness – its more expensive than the Skoda but its one of the most highly sold cars in the country.

For families looking for reliability and space, it’s definitely a good option.

Best Family SUVs

They’re definitely becoming the favourite family car in Ireland, due to their space; but also ability to be taken on family trips, off road and on motorway journeys.

Skoda Karoq SUV

Nowadays, the ever-growing SUV brigade can be seen waiting outside school gates – but these popular family cars can come with a hefty fee.

The Karoq much cheaper than most other premium family SUVs, and has been described as comfortable, reliable and affordable.

Volvo XC60

We couldn’t do a best family car list without including this puppy – touted as the best-selling family SUV, and theit Safest Car tested by Euro NCAP- it has been described as safe, comfortable and easy-to-drive. An all-round winner.

Best Family Estates

The Volkswagon Passat Estate

The Passat has 650ltrs of boot space, a beautiful interior, and of course, a sleek external design that comes with any Volkswagon.

Skoda Estate

Cheaper than the golf or Volvo estate, the Scoda hatchback is always a great option for someone with a lower budget – but doesn’t want to compromise reliability or style.

People Carriers

Ford S-Max

A minivan that doesn’t look like a minivan. If that’s for you, than the Ford-S-Max is the least-mini-van-type minivan in the market, due to its neat, modern exterior. Although you may have to compromise a little bit of space, but if you value your style – than it could be worth it.

Renault grand scenic MPV

An upgrade from the older Grand scenic, this model has attractive family safety features like automatic emergency breaking, and additional features like pull-out picnic tables and lights for reading.

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