Credit Unions have been named the most highly reputable organisation in Ireland according to the latest Ireland RepTrak® 2020 study carried out by The Reputations Agency. With a score of 83.7, credit unions took the top spot overall for their role as a trusted cornerstone of local communities with over 3.6 million members nationwide. This represents a return to the top spot for credit unions who finished second in last year’s poll having come first in 2018.
The Ireland RepTrak® 2020 study, undertaken by the Reputations Agency for the 11th consecutive year, delves into the perceptions of over 7,000 members of the public collected during January and February 2020 and measures the level of trust, respect, admiration and esteem they have for 100 organisations in Ireland. The study highlighted that, for the Irish population, community-based organisations pave the way for trust and leadership. Credit Unions scored consistently well in six of the seven reputational drivers, leading the way in Governance.
For over 60 years, credit unions have been at the heart of Irish communities, paving the way for financial inclusion and stability and enabling progression in many households. Credit unions also support local community initiatives and charities, because we understand that it’s the little things that make the difference.